Ballyhooly Castle

Ballyhooly Castle

is situated across the River Blackwater from Ballyhooly Lodge, at the south side of the village. It is built on a large rock overlooking the river Blackwater.

There is a stone stairs leading up to the top and an iron door leading in. There are beautiful views to be seen from the top of it – wood, river, glen, mountain and rich pasture land.

There are narrow windows in it so that it would be hard for the enemy to get through. It was built in the twelfth century. It is ninety feet high. It is a Norman structure.

There is a fishing lodge beside it. Fishermen come to it every year to fish in the Blackwater.
It was first owned by the OKeefes. The Roches took it from them. When Cromwell came to Ireland he drove out the Roches and knocked some of the Castle.  After some time Lord Listowel bought it and rebuilt the ruin. It is now owned by Mr. Smith.

It is said that Mass used to be said in one of the rooms. Long ago there was an island about three hundred yards away from it but there is no sign of it to be seen now.
There was a girl named Maire Roche living in the Castle. She got drowned. Her cry was often heard after the midnight hour and frightened many people.


Glorious Woods on One Side

Riverside Walks on the Other

Castle Views

Views across the River Blackwater
to Ballyhooly Castle across the river beyond.